Traditional Judo is an applied art, aesthetic, physical and mental. Its objective is to strengthen the body through a measured physical education, useful for good health while developing mind and character, allowing practitioners to have references and methods they will transpose profitably in all acts of their life.

Traditional Judo schools have been created by a group of Martial Arts Teachers, including JUDO and JU JUTSU, who did not want to follow the sport only evolution of  martial arts, they have lost their fundamental educational aspect to the benefit of the ephemeral splendor of  rewards.

Traditional Judo is another form of expression of the gentle way developed by Master Igor Correa better known under the name of JUDO, which wants an application of universal principles of teaching developed by its founder, Master KANO JIGORO.

Basic principles and values of Traditional Judo are:

  • HONOR and VIGILANCE: be true to your word; have confidence in yourself and in others; be constantly on the alert.
  • Sincerity and COMMITMENT: Speaks without disguising your thought, give all its resources in accordance with the principles.
  • PATIENCE and COURAGE: Do what is right, tenaciously, using, without opposing them, the energy of the body and the mind, while seeking maximum efficiency without losing useless time and energy .
  • The POLITESSE and RESPECT: Towards each others ; respect and politeness inducing listening to his peers, elders, partners in any situation, like respect for tradition and protocol that symbolize our common membership.
  • The Modesty and Discretion: Talking about yourself without pride, win or lose without knowing exuberant demonstration; does not oppose the spirit of Traditional Judo to other disciplines.
  • FRIENDSHIP and BROTHERHOOD: The simplicity and sincerity of feelings; mutual aid and tolerance for the good of all.

It is not difficult to proclaim these values ​​and principles, it is less common to apply them, the most difficult times being to understand the patience and skill.

It is our mission!

Cijam presentation (french) :  plaquette.cijam.pdf